Rofx Review

rofx review

The revolutionary AI trading robot that drives you to financial freedom Nowadays, many are interested in getting into forex trading. However, the vast majority of beginner traders are overly cautious and sometimes even scared of trying because of many pitfalls. People are often reluctant to start trading due to a perceived low return on investment. […]

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How To Pick Easy Swing Trades

In trading, it is very easy to make our life harder than actually needed. Most people, instead of picking the easy ones, try to fight the market for whatever reasons, and as a result, overtrade, and get into trades that are hard to manage, thus they make more mistakes, leading to worse results and tilt, […]

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5 Things to Consider When Scalping or Day Trading

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A good number of forex newbies I’ve talked to have shared that they’d prefer day trading or scalping when trading currencies. And why not? Putting quick and multiple trades a day increases the chance of winning trades. Trading for short periods also means that you’ll make money AND have time for other pursuits like sports, […]

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Don’t Ask These Trading Questions

Those that succeed ask “How can I average 15-20% per year on my investment and lessen the tax burden?” The average person will ask “Why can’t I lose weight?” Those that succeed ask “How can I decrease body fat while I maintain muscle mass that I am comfortable with without a starvation diet?” Key Takeaways: […]

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3 Ways To Tame Trading Psychology Problems

With all the marketing going on in regards to the business of trading, one important variable that gets left behind is trading psychology. It’s not the sexiest of topics but is one that is vital to a complete package trader. Not dealing with the issues that we all face as traders such as losing streaks, […]

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Are You Really Committed To Your Trading Business

There are at least two very good reasons for what I’m saying and they both involve continuity. The first reason has to do with watching the market day by day. By seeing what’s happening in a market and by seeing how it’s happening, a trader is much better able to get an understanding of context […]

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The Hidden Costs of Missing Forex Trade Opportunities

Forex traders who want to be consistently profitable know the importance of tracking the rights and wrongs of the trades that they take. Unfortunately, the impact of the trades that they DON’T take is too often overlooked. Traders are no strangers to missing good trade opportunities. At one point or another we’ve encountered setups that […]

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Advanced Training: Trading Psychology

There is a tremendous correlation between Psychology and Trading. In particular, emotions such as Greed and Fear are intimately associated with trading.These emotions often operate very subtly in the background, often without the trader realizing it. In addition, Anger, and Hate also operate against the trader in the form of Revenge Trading. Elation and Ecstasy […]

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