3 Things You Should Learn from Millennials About Investing

While it’s fashionable to slam millenials for alleged laziness and fecklessness, they’re making some smart investment decisions. Millenials use tech to save time and money — and they also use online info to aid their investment decisions. Lastly, they pay attention to the wisdom of crowds, and use apps to help crowdsource investment decisions by following the strategies of the most successful investors in a crowdsourced group.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is true that older investors usually have more capital to work with, but the digital age has presented a plethora of different options for younger investors and traders.
  • Moreover, the millennial way of thinking, which utilizes available tools and leverages instruments that were previously unavailable to traders, presents a whole new approach to making money.
  • Online trading platforms have evolved and are now regulated, more accessible than ever, and secure.

“”…some (millennials) use the advantages of the smartphone age to make the right financial decisions in real-time.””