Are you a real trader? 5 things that pro traders do differently

In the world of trading, risk and reward can build or destroy a person. With so many going in with the mindset of getting rich quick, too many are coming out with years of experience but having had lost more money than they have gained. Simple tricks to keep you moving forward is mainly boasted around time management. Keeping a trading journal can be a huge part to keeping track of your residuals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Separating between easy-unnecessary and hard-important tasks
  • No guaranteed paycheck. Uncertainty and performance-based salary
  • a lack of responsibility is the surest way to losing your account.

“Being a trader is very similar to being self-employed when it comes to taking responsibility, working for yourself and creating a sustainable and profitable business. Here are the general problems that are typical for traders who lack the autonomous mindset.”