Being a Popular Investor Isn’t Just a Title!

September is a good time for a popular investor to check their investments and if necessary make changes to their copy strategy. First, the investor should check their stats; see if they have a positive gain. If one doesn’t have a positive gain maybe they should dispose of some underperforming stocks. One should also check their risk score and adjust the risk to their level of acceptability. Checking out which investors you are copying and making adjustments are also solid strategies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Compare the Popular Investors to find out who has gained you the most, and on the other hand, consider changing the ones who have diminished your capital.
  • Check your risk score and ask yourself if it fits your risk appetite.
  • Go over each user who you are copying and compare the strategies and assets that they are using.

“Here we see a potential Popular Investor marketing himself inside our platform and outside, to grow his AUM and build his own financial business.”