Don’t Complicate Your Trading

Trading can become overcomplicated if you let it, in most cases leading to self sabotage. Trying to keep things simple may not be as easy as you think as inexperienced traders try to find better ways if at first they don’t succeed. Stick to what is useful and needed, and try to stay in one market at a time. Recognize what works for you and stick with it, instead of jumping into multiple markets with various methods.

Key Takeaways:

  • The level at which trading becomes over-complicated is certainly the subject of debate.
  • It depends very much on the individual and their capacity.
  • You know, when people say the simplest solutions are often the best, I have to smile a little bit.

“Trading is no different of course from many things which we do in this way as it also benefits from a little bit of tutelage and yet for some reason many still choose to go it alone.”