It Takes Effort To Become A Trader

Have you ever wanted to dabble in the stock market. Even knowledgeable traders can have a hard time making money. There are steps you can take to control your trading destiny and to make money. For example, you can organize your trading journal. It will help you get structure. As with any business or job, you need structure. If you take the time, you can learn this and many other steps to become a worthy trader.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s normal, albeit frustrating, for traders to reach a stage where their education has reached a good level, but their earnings have yet to reflect that.
  • At this point, when traders start spinning their wheels, doing the same thing over and over, that they need to question how committed they are to digging in and succeeding.
  • Commitment involves going beyond a “systemic” approach, to really tracking progress, noting things like peak days or hours of performance and when the most errors occur.

“Preparing in a consistent manner not only ensures you don’t miss anything out, but it also allows you to see what’s useful and what’s not.”