Which Part of Your Income Is from Forex Trading?

Most dream of being a Forex only trader, however reality usually doesn’t pay them the kindness they hope for, but how much of the average trader’s income is from Forex trading? Most Forex traders only spend 1-2 hours working each day and rarely ever need to worry about their financial situation. All of their compensation comes from trading.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every newbie trader dreams of being a full-time Forex trader, with full-time defined as 1–2 hours a day and not having to worry about any financial matters — all being completely compensated by one’s trading performance.
  • The reality usually turns out much harsher. First, becoming a profitable trader is not an easy task in and of itself. Then, it can be tough to move from being a part-time trader to being a full-time one.
  • I would call losing a “safety net” of a non-Forex income the main reason for traders’ reluctance to embracing market as their only job.

“My guess is that for the foreign exchange trading to remain an important part of a trader’s life, it should contribute some significant part to their total income. Otherwise, motivation is soon lost.”