All The People, Books, And Sources That Shaped Me As A Trader

You’re always hearing about who shaped a writer, a musician, etc, but who ever heard of hearing the influences of a trader? This is very novel and interesting. They discuss books, people and sources they were influenced by in their career. If you might trade yourself these books would be good reads for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • All the knowledge I have acquired over the years through first consuming a lot of information and then doing tons of my own research and refining, shaped my proprietary trading approach, which is laid out in our newly-released Tradeciety Pro trading class.
  • I believe that everyone has got to say something. Experiences make us what we are, they shape our view of the world and the interpretation of events in our life.
  • And that is what makes reading autobiographies so interesting. It is a brief look into the minds of others, and thus, their worlds. There is so much to learn from that.

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