Don’t Ask These Trading Questions

Those that succeed ask “How can I average 15-20% per year on my investment and lessen the tax burden?” The average person will ask “Why can’t I lose weight?” Those that succeed ask “How can I decrease body fat while I maintain muscle mass that I am comfortable with without a starvation diet?”

Key Takeaways:

  • How you ask questions matters. Those that succeed speak to themselves and ask questions much differently than those that are average. Apply that to your trading questions.
  • Top traders will say that their system of trading is less important to their success than the “why” behind their trading and understanding how important controlling risk is to success.
  • Many people are approaching trading with a mindset that is not conducive to succeeding. They need to start thinking about risks, expectancy, and exits.

“Looking at my results or those of anybody else have no bearing on your success or failure. Bottom line, know that information of how much someone makes will both not help you or have any impact on your results.”